Plexi extreme box is a plexi display equipment made from plexiglass raw material. You can display all bulk food products, especially nuts, spices, pulses, aged food, with Plexi extreme box.

Ürün Açıklaması:

Dimensions Capacity
20x25 h 20 cm 2-4 kg
25x30 h 20 cm 3-5 kg
25x25 h 20 cm 5-8 kg
25x25 h 25 cm 7-10 kg
25x30 h 20 cm 8-10 kg
25x40 h 25 cm 9-11 kg
30x30 h 20 cm 10-13 kg
40x40 h 25 cm 10-13 kg


Please note that the sale of a product that is good for display is also good.

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