What Is Plexi? What Areas Are Plexi Display Equipment Used?

Pleksi Nedir? Pleksi Teşhir Ekipmanları Hangi Alanlarda Kullanılır?

Plastic glass products with transparent and semi-transparent types are called Plexi. Plexi products are obtained from petroleum products by chemical processes. As raw materials, they are usually produced in sheets with a thickness of 1.5-2.5 millimeters. Typical properties of plexi product include:

It has the chemical formula (C5O2H8)n.

It has a density of 1.18 grams per cubic centimeter.

It begins to melt at a temperature of 160 degrees.

It begins to boil at 200 degrees.
As mentioned above, we produce bulk food display products by processing Plexi parts produced with this raw material in our factory.

As Efe display equipment, we produce and sell display equipment needed by all sectors, especially bulk food sector, with more than 1000 types of plexi display products.Generally, nuts, spices, aged products, especially has a wide range of uses. Thanks to Plexi display products, your products are preferred both in terms of display layout, in terms of visual presentation, and in terms of protection from poor storage conditions.

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